Friday, July 20, 2012

Leske's Closer to Opening

Leske's Bakery is going to open again on August 8th @ 11:30am with a cookie breaking and ribbon cutting.

There has been a huge amount of work done here from a new roof to 3 new ovens; while the ovens where among the first item to be installed, we had a host of problems with them. While slated to be first fired around July 20th, they have still (YET) to be fired. 

With a crew working through the weekend we have factory techs coming in this Sunday to (hopefully) fire up the ovens. The earlier they get fired the more treats and goodies we will have at the opening.

We are really committed to offering the same great products that have been a Brooklyn tradition since 1961. That means taking our time with everything. Please follow us on Facebook LeskesBakery to learn which items we will have on opening day. Cookies and Kringle are top of mind but we expect to have many many others.

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