Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Free Cookies?

We have been told by many of our long term customers, some who first came to Leske's as children (and now bring their own children here) that they remember Ella Leske, Hans Leske's wife would always offer a free cookie to them when ever they visited the bakery.

The new management team is also in love with cookies. Before we had a ribbon opening we had a B&W Cookie "breaking" and we passed out free cookies to everyone in line on opening day (along with bottles of water!).

So, it didn't take us long to decide that free cookies for kids was a Leske's tradition that needs be continued. Every pre-adult who enters should be offered a cookie by one of the counter staff. If you visit Leske's with your children or grand-children and they don't get offered a cookie, please let us know LeskesBrooklyn@gmail.com

We have also learned that this isn't an urban myth or a tall tale from those simply seeking a free cookie; we had a visit from some Leske family members who confirmed that Ella always offer all the children a free cookie. Playmates of Ella's grand daughter always make sure when they came to visit that they entered the house through the bakery so as to not miss out on their cookie.

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