Saturday, December 15, 2012

Holiday stories.. that involve Leske's are as numerous as the reports that some families celebrated birthday's of the children year after year with the same cake from Leske's. Our head cake baker, has been doing this for 25 years here. This means that cake you bought 5 years ago, or 10 or 20 years ago, is still being made the same way today.

There is Chocolate cake and Vanilla cake and a wild number of fillings and toppings from hard icing to pudding and marzipan. Looking for something interesting? Try a Chocolate or Vanilla cake with Chocolate pudding filling and fresh banana filling topped with fresh whipped cream or butter cream frosting!

Leske's is famous for our B&W Cookie, and using a slightly modified recipe we can make them as big as 18 inches. Covered in real vanilla and chocolate fudge, this is a real treat (tasty for both your eyes and belly!).

Leske's is a Scandinavian or Nordic Bakery. Originally called Leske's Danish Bakery, we make a number of treats with a Nordic heritage. First among those, for the holidays or for weddings is the Kransekake. Made of ground almond and sugar, it's tender and tasty!

(Kransekake sticks are shown on the left)

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