Friday, February 8, 2013

Sweet news, Park Slope

An Open Letter to the Sweet-Toothed People of Park Slope:
 You’re getting a Leske’s Bakery —right in your neighborhood, right on Fifth Avenue.

What’s Leske’s? It’s a Brooklyn institution—a legendary Scandanavian bakery that also offers the very best modern fare, all made with the freshest ingredients available. It’s where you’ll find traditional Kransekake, a wedding cake made of ground almonds and sugar, unparalleled Danish, and flavorful limpa bread. And don’t miss the Kringle (a large Danish made with juicy raisins and ground almonds), or a Wales Kringle— puff pastry, whipped cream and custard with a vanilla or chocolate glaze.

You’ll also find new favorites: Leske’s Twinkies and Hostess inspired Cupcakes, regular cupcakes, over stuffed cream and jelly donuts plus Brooklyn’s best black-and-white cookies topped with copious amounts vanilla and chocolate fudge, renowned seven-layer cookies (the middle layer is chocolate cake), carrot cake with pineapple filling—and much more.

All you need to know is: Leske’s is good, a little bit different, very Scandinavian and totally New York.

Located at 588 5th Avenue, the new Leske’s location means you don’t have to trek to Bay Ridge when a sweet craving hits.

Stop by and say hi—and see why Leske’s has been a Brooklyn institution since 1961.

See you on February 12!

The Bakers, Clerks, Managers and Owners of Leske’s

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